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I have lived in Alaska for 41 years now with my wife who I met in college. Together we have raised two children who both attended Anchorage public schools and both went on to obtain college degrees. 

I was a math teacher in the public school system in Anchorage for 28 years. Currently I worked ant the Ted Stevens International Airport for 10 years, and now I have been driving a motor coach transporting tourists in Alaska. I have seen education, and a diversified tourist economy first hand. My life experiences would be an asset in Juneau. 


I  continue to volunteer my time as a researcher for Alaska Policy Forum, and am a member of the House Sustainable task force.  


I consistently have been a strong supporter of the traditional PFD program. The legislature has ignored existing law and has appropriated the bulk of the PFD program away to prop up excessive government spending. I would work hard to help dismantle SB 26 and restore the traditional PFD formula. Additionally, I believe the state should restore all prior deductions back to the people. 

I support the elimination of the Binding Caucus Rule. I believe this is the singular reason why we have been in deficit spending for many years. It is much more difficult to allow all representatives to legislate the final budget than to allow a select few to command the fiscal policy of our state, but we must represent our constituents and their desire to live within our means. 

If you wish to ask me any questions regarding my position on any issue not listed, please

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David Nees

(907) 522-1118

Email: neesforchange@gmail.com


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